Did you know that Joe was afraid of writing and didn’t even know it.

His excuse was “I have two dozen writers that work for me, writing is not for me.”

After working with a writing coach for 18 months Joe finished writing his first book and was really excited but was not ready to publish it.

Instead Joe was inspired to start the High Energy book series.

Joe has published 6 books and his goal is to keep publishing books that add value to the lives of the people he serves.

“Helping Hungry Entrepreneurs go from Frustration to Mojovation.”

High Energy Secrets: How I lost 95 pounds, kept it off and have higher energy levels than ever!

The first book Joe Apfelbaum published is titled “High Energy Secrets” about how Joe lost over 90 pounds and has a strategy to keep it off while having more energy than ever. Joe walks readers through his journey, how he changed his mindset about health.¬† Joe also shares practical tips to lose weight, increase energy and create a lifestyle and habits that will make you feel more alive!

  • How to build high energy habits that last
  • Stop being addicted to foods that make you sick
  • The strategy that will help you keep off the weight

High Energy Answers: Questions your parents and teachers are too afraid to answer.

Joe Apfelbaum was asked to speak at a High School in Brooklyn, NY and the students were so motivated and inspired, they asked Joe dozens of questions that they were too afraid to ask their parents and teachers. Joe documented the questions and shared his responses in “High Energy Answers” a book to published for teens that want to learn and grow.

  • The questions that teens often ask but might not ask their parents or teachers
  • How to be successful and stop worrying
  • What to think about when setting goals for life

High Energy Purpose: How to be all in on your life and find your truth.

One of the biggest issues that successful entrepreneurs have is not having a deep sense of purpose. Joe was inpsired to write “High Energy Purpose” after several deep conversations with his coaching clients about how to discover their internal purpose vs their external purpose. Finding the purpose deep inside and from there being centered and complete.

  • The difference betweeing being and doing
  • What is our purpose and how to be more IN on life
  • Understanding your roles and how to lean into them

High Energy Marketing: Everything you need to know to properly grow your business online

Clients were asking Joe to publish a book about Marketing so Joe wrote “High Energy Marketing” to break down the process of growing a business with online marketing. Joe talks about the marketing funnel, how to get an ROI and answers questions about marketing budgets, results and expectations from Marketing.

  • How to create a marketing strategy that gets results
  • Understanding what goes into a marketing budget
  • The tactics that you can use online to get an ROI

High Energy Networking: Get anything you want in life while building meaningful relationships that last a lifetime.

One of the skills that Joe learned over the past decade of being imerssed in business is professional networking. Joe discovered that he was not naturally skilled at networking or building meaningful realationships. He read books, hired coaches and went off to start building real relationships with the people in his life. Joe crafted his own networking philosophy that generated millions in revenue for his businesses and he shares his strategies in his new book “High Energy Networking” – If you want to learn how to get an ROI from business networking, this book will help you understand how to gain the skill and what actions to take consistently to get results from business networking.

  • Developing your own business networking strategy that gets results
  • How to follow up with the right people without being annoying
  • What you need to prepare to be more successful and stay top of mind

All of Joe Apfelbaum’s Books are available on Amazon. You can follow the Author page here

High Energy Networking

High Energy Marketing

High Energy Purpose:

High Energy Answers:

High Energy Secrets:

In 2022 Joe will be publishing his first book “Average Joe to CEO” where he discusses his journey and the seven stages he had to go through to become the CEO of one of the fastest growing companies in the US.

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