Good Morning,

Thank you for checking out my morning ritual page.

Here is a list of things I do when I get up.

Watch this video to see how Hal talks about The Miracle Morning.

This was my routine for over a year. I am constantly making it better.

    Go to sleep by 10pm with the intent of waking up by 4am (most days).
    As soon as my eyes open I jump out of bed. Check the time to confirm that I got at least six hours.
    Wash my hands and may face.
    Make my bed so I can get that dopamine hit.
    Weigh myself so I can be held accountable for my weight goals.
    Put on my exercise uniform so I don’t slack off.
    Get into the living room and turn on all the lights.
    Stretch on my yoga mat and use the roller on my back.
    Brush my teeth and floss.
    Drink 24 ounces of water.
    Go for a three-mile run, break a sweat.
    Journal my thoughts in my own handwriting. Include gratitude and personal affirmations.
    Meditate using the Headspace app.
    Read a few pages of a book I am going deep on.
    Write at 500 – 2,000 words of creative content.
    Watch comedy, play guitar and be creative.
    Take shower and get dressed.
    Say the morning prayer and learn Torah.
    Eat a healthy breakfast,
    Wake up my kids, kiss them all and tell them I love them.
    Take a photo of myself and post on social media. AKA, a selfie.
    Use my smartphone to create and post a daily Mojovational video.