Joe Apfelbaum Update – Winter 2019

Here is a quick update on what is going on in my life right now….

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Here we go!

What is included in this update?

  1. What Ajax Union is up to ? (1m)
  2. Why is Joe hosting LinkedIn meetups for 500 people? (1m)
  3. How did the LinkedIn Authority Blueprint make out? (1m)
  4. What is this new course that you created called Social Sellin’? (1m)
  5. Where is Joe Apfelbaum going next this year? (1m)

What Ajax Union is up to? (1m)

Last year Ajax Union moved to a WeWork in Dumbo and things are going really well. We have been keeping our B2B clients happy by doing great work for them. Our team is super fun and united, here is our holiday video.

Our focus is Sales Enablement which means we work with companies that need a marketing funnel.

Essentially we manage your website, your landing pages, your email automations, so that when leads come to your site, they have things to do, if they are not ready to buy right away.

We nurture your leads till they are showing buying signals, then we send them to your sales team so they can qualify and close the deals.

Our goal is to support 10 B2B companies that can invest in their digital marketing efforts.

Typically the best clients are 10-100m in annual sales and have a marketing director and sales team.

We are an extension of the marketing director or sales director and we support them with anything they need marketing related.

Need us to manage your Google ads? Great we got that.

Want up to update your website? Great we can do that.

Need help with graphic design or SEO we can handle that for you.

Want us to send out your monthly newsletter or help you get ready for a tradeshow, we get things done.

Do you know any marketing directors at B2B companies that might need a funnel or additional marketing support?

Digital Marketing Strategy by Ajax Union

Why is Joe hosting LinkedIn meetups for 500 people? (1m)

Last year I realized that there are hundreds of millions of people on LinkedIn but there are only a few thousand people that are actually engaged on the platform.

Everyone else is just WATCHING.

Now, I love Lurkers but people who just watch and do not engage, do not keep me entertained on the platform.

So I decided it was time to launch a MEETUP GROUP where I can actually meet the Engaged LinkedIn users on Linkedin in person.

My goal was to meet 100 people and build a REAL relationship with them.

What started as a group of 100 engaged LinkedIn users turned into 500!

We have done a dozen meetups in in 2018 and we are doing a dozen more this year.

Where are we doing them? In our Brooklyn WeWork on March 27th, We usually run out of room at this one as it is the most popular one. Watch this video to see our last Brooklyn event and for a recap of NYC watch this.

Last month I did one in Miami and in New Jersey. On March 14th I am doing one In Los Angeles and on March 18th in San Diego. It’s going to be FANTASTIC.

I want to meet engaged LinkedIn users and build real relationship with people who like, comment and share on LinkedIn so I can properly leverage the platform.

Do you want to come to an upcoming event to see what goes on? Would love to have you as a guest! Do you know anyone that would benefit from coming? Send them the link.


How did the LinkedIn Authority Blueprint make out? (1m)

Over the past few years I have been testing out a few lead in products like B2Bx to get clients in the door for Ajax Union. They flopped and I did not get enough clients to justify going all in.

At the end of last year, I realized that most people do not have a LinkedIn strategy written, with a content calendar and asset library etc. I realized that people WANT a strategy so they can be consistent on LinkedIn.

So we developed the LinkedIn Authority Blueprint and I set a goal to get 30 clients to get a strategy. It was a hit from DAY ONE. We signed up 30 new accounts and all of the clients are SUPER HAPPY with their LinkedIn Strategy.

We made it super affordable for anyone that is interested in getting a customized strategy for their LinkedIn profile. We now automated the webinar with a replay here. We also created a landing page that explains the offer clearly to anyone that is interested here

At this point we are just offering this as our main product for people who want to get a taste of what we are about at Ajax Union but do not have a budget to go all in on our regular marketing offerings. My goal is to get another 60 blueprints done this year.

Do you know anyone that can benefit from a LinkedIn strategy?

What is this new course that you created called Social Sellin’? (1m)

People that cannot afford to invest in an agency want to learn how to market themselves. I have wanted to create courses for YEARS but I never really went all in. Then I found a partner that can help me get it done the right way and we are going all in on this.

On Feb 6th we launched a LinkedIn Training System called the Social Sellin’ System. We teach entrepreneurs and executives how to go from an order taker to a rainmaker on LinkedIn in just 15 minutes per day.

We have finished filming all the videos, created the framework, cheat sheets and all the scripts and loaded everything into a system where people can benefit from all the learning.

Our program not only includes over a hundred hours of self serve videos that are digestible and easy to watch but we also do 36 live coaching sessions over the year so people can get customized LinkedIn support.

We also created a hyper active community of engaged LinkedIn users that will promote your content for you so you get lots of Likes and Comments everytime you post and share your content in the community.

Our goal is to sign up 100 students by March 31st and we are on our way there with dozens of happy students and great testimonials. We run webinars a few times a month to get clients in the door by giving them some GREAT tips and then offering the course at the end.

We have two options, the monthly option for $197 and the annual option for $997 – We even developed a white glove option for those executives that need one on one training. We are about to roll out a LinkedIn VA option as well where we train someone to run your linkedin administrative tasks and outreach for you daily.

Do you know anyone that would benefit from LinkedIn training so they can learn how to maximize everything LinkedIn has to offer?

Where is Joe Apfelbaum going next this year? (1m)

I set a goal to do 50 speaking engagements in the next year. I joined the National speakers association with lots of other authors and speakers. I am excited to say that I already did 15 speaking gigs and I got many more booked but I got to hustle if I want to do 50 this year. Quick video with what people say.

I just finished writing a book for teens that answers the hardest questions in life about goals, entrepreneurship, purpose and dealing with emotions. It’s over 19,000 words and I want to publish it on Amazon this month. If you want to read the Google doc for feedback, I can send it to you for review and maybe for an endorsement if you are up for that. Just let me know.

I am traveling with my wife and 5 children to Beijing, China for Passover – That is going to be a blast! I have never been to China.. Anything I should know?

You know I lost 95 pounds right? I am keeping the weight off and inspiring hundreds of people to lose weight and have higher energy with my book High Energy Secrets.

Staying focused on my goals, staying centered and helping hungry entrepreneurs go from Frustration to Mojovation.

I plan on launching my book Average Joe to CEO by my birthday in November, I need to add a few more ideas to it and BOOM.

Thank you for being in my life, and please let me know what I can do to serve you and add value to you. I set a goal to make 1000 introductions this year from my closest contacts and I would love to support you in some way.

I know that time is PRECIOUS and it took you at least 5 minutes to read this update, so THANKS FOR MAKING TIME FOR ME. I means the world to me.

Please take a moment and reply to me that you read it and feel free to add any thoughts you might have or how I can support you.

Joe Apfelbaum

PS: If you want to join me an in person seminar, here are the next two very interesting ones.

3 hour LinkedIn seminar in NYC. –  

A Marketing and Mindset seminar with me and Mark Green in NYC for entrepreneurs that want to get over the 7 figure mark

Thank you so much for reading this!