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The Three Steps To Building a Residential Real Estate Agent Empire!

  1. Prospecting
  2. Promoting
  3. Networking

“They say always be closing, I say always be listing.” – Joe Apfelbaum

The first step is to prospect or as some would put it to Hunt. We entrepreneurs do not want for things to happen to us, we make things happen so we are hunters. There are three steps to properly prospecting. The first is to understand your goal and your target. Know who you are want to go after, I call it the BullsEye. Once you have a clear bulls eye you make sure that you understand your unique value proposition based on your target market I call this your Solution. You want to hunt with the right type of bait. Finally you need to Where to prospect for  your ideal clients that means finding the home owners. I call this the Location. It’s all about Location, Location, Location when it comes to real estate and certainly when it comes to prospecting.

BullsEye, Solution, Location is how we prospect.

The second step to building a successful residential real estate empire is to start promoting. Most people have not idea how to market themselves. Those that are great at marketing themselves forget to think about their clients and instead of telling stories they are shoving facts and features. The first step to promote is to understand your messaging that means to have a collection of stories that you can tell. These are inspiring experiences about why you got into real estate in the first place and stories that outline the benefits that your clients get from working with you. Everyone likes a good Story. The second step to promoting is Value. What will you be giving away to your leads and prospects. You want to make sure that they get guides, calculators, resources and other benefits from you that are created with your photo and contact information. If you do not have swag your marketing is going to sag. Don’t sagg instead brag, with a brag book! After Value comes Platform. You have to be where your prospects are. That means decide how you will be promoting and how often. This means picking the best platform to be on. If you are focused on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin you are all over the place. You need to pick your primary platform even it is direct mail and stay focused on being the number one player on that platform. If you have business people as your audience you will want to pick LinkedIn if you have housewifes you will want to pic facebook, if you are targeting millenials that will soon go from renting to buying you want to use Instagram. There you have it,

The way to promote is to Story, Value and Platform.

The final step is both push and pull. Where the first step was push and the second step was pull. Networking is a unique approach that requires both give and take. Networking for referrals is the way you get your biggest opportunities but you need to be prospecting and promoting to make networking really work well. Networking also has three steps. The first one is Recognize where you identify who your top 150 people are. Who are the influencers and the people you must be speaking to monthly and quarterly. These people are the people you have built the most trust with and will recommend you in a heartbeat. These are contractors, mortgage brokers and insurance folks. They are the ones working with homeowners all the time. Once you recognize you must then strategize. Figure out ways that you can add value to them and how they can add value to you. There are many ways to stay top of mind. The three I’s are one example. Invitations, Information and Introductions. Once you finish strategizing comes the key element to time management. It’s the Prioritize part. It’s where you spend your time. Who you spend your time with and how much time do you spend. There are 168 hours in the week and if you do not measure and optimize your time, you will end up being like most agents who quit because they did not get results. The one thing you have in common with warren buffet is that you both will die one day. The other thing is that you both only have 24 hours in the day. Use your time wisely and you will see an ROI on all your efforts.

Networking is all about Recognizing, Strategizing and Prioritizing for ROI.

Now you have the formula. It’s proven to work with my clients and it can work for you. Go out and prospect, promote and network to your heart’s content and you will break the multiple six figure mark in residential real estate in no time.


  • BullsEye
  • Solution
  • Location


  • Story
  • Value
  • Platform


  • Recognize
  • Strategize
  • Prioritize

Joe Apfelbaum helps hungry residential real estate agents go from being a frustrated buyers agent to a mojovated listing agent in 90 days without going homeless.