Are you looking to improve your business networking game? The best way to start is by creating a business networking profile.

Here is a copy of the business networking profile for Joe Apfelbaum 2018 – Read more about it on my recent LinkedIn article

  • Why are you in the business that you are in?
      • Growing up I watched my mother struggle to grow her couture boutique on the lower east side, just to pay the bills. After a decade of trying to make it, like most business owners, she went out of business because of lack of strategy. I remember the helpless feeling of watching her suffer. When I started my digital marketing agency, I got to a million in revenue in 18 months and doubled the business 4 years in a row to be 178 on the INC 500. I want to make sure that business owners like my mom are served with the right strategy so they can thrive and support their families.  
  • Who is the most ideal client for you?
    • Ajax Union is focused on supporting small and medium size businesses in the tristate area that have a sales team and a marketing director. Ideally growing B2B businesses that are 10-100m in annual sales. We work best with professionals that have great communication and value smart marketing strategy first before getting into marketing tactics.
  • Who works with your ideal clients and would be able to connect you?
    • Business coaches,  sales trainers and marketing consultants that work with CEO’s and Sales & Marketing directors are the best people in the position to refer us to clients that value marketing strategy.
  • How would you like to be introduced you to a potential client?
    • Meet Joe Apfelbaum, CEO of Ajax Union, a B2B digital marketing agency in Brooklyn NY. Joe is a business and marketing strategist with brilliant ideas that will drive results for your business, I enjoy his Linkedin updates and appreciate his thought leadership. I highly recommend Joe and his team at Ajax Union if you are looking for a strategic marketing partner.
  • What is the best way to introduce you to a potential referral partner?
    • Meet Joe Apfelbaum, CEO of Ajax Union, a B2B digital marketing agency in Brooklyn NY. Joe is a business and marketing strategist with brilliant ideas that will drive results for your business, I enjoy his Linkedin updates, appreciate his thought leadership and benefit from his business networking expertise. Joe is looking to meet professionals that come in contact with CEO’s, sales executives and marketing directors that value digital marketing so he can share his methodologies that get results. I highly recommend you connect with Joe.

Ajax Union B2B Digital Marketing Strategy Overview

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Digital Marketing Strategy by Ajax Union

10 2018 Business Goals:

  • TOP 1: Onboard 10 new Amazing Ajax Union clients by Nov 16th 2018  – Sales Enablement Offering
  • TOP 2:  Hire 5 new amazing Ajax Union employees and get them up to speed with B2B Digital Marketing in Q2
  • TOP 3:  Define my top 150 strategic business networking connections and stay top of mind in a meaningful way monthly. (Call, Meeting, Video, Social, Event)
  • Take Ajax Union team fully virtual by Q3 2018
  • Update TheBreakthrough Maze podcast weekly with thought provoking business and personal coaching ideas
  • Send out weekly emails to my Joe Apfelbaum Sunday list
  • Take 365 selfies with business people that I know well by Nov 16th 2018
  • Speak at at least a 20 events to entrepreneurs about their business and marketing.
  • Be featured on at least 20 podcasts discussing business, marketing and personal development

5, 2018 Personal Goals:

  • Spend 45 minutes per week of dedicated time with each one of my 5 children
  • Maintain my health and weight under 170 lbs – Run 600 miles average 3 per day every other day
  • Learn the stock marketing and double my investment by active trading by Nov 16th 2018
  • Visit my parents at least 4 times and spend quality time with each of them
  • Create 1000 minutes of Mojovation on a private Facebook group where I give back to Entrepreneurs

2018 Goals and Accomplishmens Update (April 30th 2018)

  • Visited my Parents in Florida Twice.
  • Finished my first Half Marathon – 2:09 which was faster than I forecasted!
  • Had a successful Goal Setting Masterclass
  • In the process of a successful Networking Masterclass
  • Signed on one New Amazing Client Per Month at Ajax Union
  • Launched our Marketing Strategy Bootcamp and sold out!