Join Me and Experience Power

You are checking out this page because you want to learn more about personal development. 

There are two ways you can learn how to improve your life and yourself. 

  1. You can learn by READING and by getting INFORMATION. 
  2. You can learn my experiencing and watching others be transformed. 

They both have massive value. 

Personally, I have gained from reading, listening to podcasts, going to seminars and it has helped me understand myself and improve the way I think. 

The real transformation for me happened when I watch other people get coached. This can only be done in a private setting where there is a framework of trust and confidentiality. 

When you work with a coach for an hour on your own issues you get value, when you watch 5 people getting coached over an hour, you get 10x the value. Because you see your own issues inside their issues. 

There is an organization called Landmark Education that I have discovered over the past several years that helps transform the way that people see the world. 

Before I went to the forum I was living in a world where the people around me need to change for them to be accepted, because of my participation in the forum I started to see things from a different perspective. 

Mainly from having other people share their experiences and then get coached in front of me. 

After spending about 40 hours watching people getting coached on every topic I can imagine from business to relationships to health, I realized that I learn more from watching others getting coached than from me getting coached directly. 

I also learned dozens or valuable distinctions that help me see the world through another filter. 

Learning this way is like learning how to ride a bike or learning to balance. You cant really explain it, you have to experience it. 

So I am inviting you to join me for a few hours and if you LOVE what you see, you will want to register. I am standing for the possibility to create a new world of possibility for you 🙂

If you can make it, the event will be on Tuesday at 730pm EST and the address is 317a west 33rd street right off 8th ave. You just walk down stairs when you come in and someone will be there to guide you to check in. Looking forward to seeing you there!