The Breakthrough Maze | Episode 011 – How Am I Supposed To Do The Work, Hire Employees and Close Clients Alone


In this episode of The Breakthrough Maze our guest caller says the breakthrough she’s looking for is how to schedule your week because there are just not enough hours in the day. As a small business owner she’s recently hired 3 employees and has suddenly found herself at a loss for how to manage her time.


Joe reassures her this is a classic case study and invites her to consider how fast she wants to grow the company to determine how hard she’ll have to work. Joe goes on to explain how often business owners forget that they are the most important part of their business and forgetting to allow time for number one needs to be non-negotiable.


The breakthrough comes in when Joe suggests building a framework around a focused 5 hours for a business day. Opening up time for self care and development.



“Often times we ask how do I manage my business better but we forget to manage ourselves better.”


“If you want to grow your business you have to grow yourself first.” – Jim Rohn


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