The Breakthrough Maze | Episode 010 – Do You Really Have Less Time Than Bill Gates


In this episode of The Breakthrough Maze our guest caller says the breakthrough she’s looking for is that she never seems to have enough time to do the things she needs to do. Joe gives an immediate rebuttal “but you can manage your priorities.” followed by the question, who has more time than you?


Understanding where to go next because this is a classic case study for entrepreneurs Joe goes on to ask our guest caller to dig deeper and to ask what she really doesn’t have enough of because Joe knows it’s not time.


At this point our guest has their first breakthrough revealing that they have a weekly article they’d like to publish so Joe challenges her to commit and schedule it as a priority. Putting it in our guests words “I’m going to invite myself to my own meeting.”





“Don’t disregarding the important to honor instead the urgent.”

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