The Breakthrough Maze | Episode 006 – Manage Your Million Dollar Clients Expectations Stop Being At Their Beck And Call


In this episode of the Breakthrough Maze our guest caller says the breakthrough he’s looking for is in finding a way way to stick to his schedule, no matter what he has on his calendar something always comes up. Our guest wanted to discover a strong approach to dealing with million dollar clients that continue to interrupt his life at all hours of the day.

Joe invites our guest to think about the idea of keeping your word. You need to say “This is what I commit to doing” and give yourself the freedom of scheduling chaos time. Our guest begins to have his breakthrough when Joe suggests putting into place a system that his clients agree to as blocks of regularly scheduled time they can reach him, making anything outside of those blocks non-negotiable. Even if it’s just a check in call for 15 minutes with the disclosure that this time and attention will be undivided to the client.


“If you don’t create an agreement, there is an agreement for you.”

“Without Integrity there is no power.”


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