The Breakthrough Maze | Episode 005 – If Only I Lived In Brooklyn I’d Be Successful


In this episode of the breakthrough maze our guest caller tells Joe that she needs a breakthrough in business by landing new clients. Joe gives our guest caller a kind nudge by asking her why she feels she doesn’t have new clients.

When our guest tells Joe that she thinks she needs a lead magnet to land new clients Joe reminds her that fear can often keep us from taking advantage of the simple solutions available to us. Joe challenges our guest caller to make some calls and to ask for phone numbers when she needs them for a call. Even looking at facebook in the about section.

Faced with a challenge to commit to changing her circumstances our guest caller takes on the challenge. The second breakthrough comes when our guest callers shares that she’s been living with worry and it’s making her feel tired. Still thinking about moving back to brooklyn because living in north carolina isn’t ideal anymore Joe invites our guest caller to learn to appreciate this transition period in her life. Reminding her that Viktor Frankl was able to find happiness in one of the worst places in history.


“Where your focus goes, your energy flows.”


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