Thanks for agreeing to be my guest at EANYC. Watch this video so you can understand what to do when you get to the meeting.

Most of our meetings happen at the Harvard Club in NYC. Its on 44th St between 5th and 6th Ave.

When you walk in, just come to the 3rd Floor and if they stop you.. Just tell them you are going to EANYC on the 3rd Floor. You can find the elevator and press 3.

When you come out of the elevator on the 3rd floor you will see a table where you can get your name tag and check in.

Walk into the main room and people will start mingling at 1230pm. Please come as early as possible so you can get comfy.

Introduce yourself to people during the open networking and look around at the tables. Find one that you want to sit at.

I encourage you to sit at any table you wish to sit at or if you found a new friend, feel free to sit with them.

Each table has a trained moderator and the moderator will engage the conversation.

The goal is for you to find out how you can make introductions and describe who would be a good intro for you.

Come prepared with Business cards and a 15 second elevator pitch. Be very clear about who you want to meet and even come prepared with names of companies you are trying to get into.

The key is to enjoy yourself.

Lunch ends at 2pm and people hang out for a few more minutes after the lunch to follow up.

Let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to hosting you!