Joe Apfelbaum Book List 2018

Over the years, I have read SO MANY BOOKS! There are a few that stand out. People have been asking me to send them my book list so I decided to put it on my website here. If you love this book list, please share it with others via social media.

Here goes:

First I want to give a shout out to my wife, Chanie Apfelbaum – Author of Busy In Brooklyn. She came out with an amazing cookbook called Millenial Kosher. I am totally impressed by what she has accomplished. Buy the book on Amazon before it sells out!

Next: I wrote a book called High Energy Secrets about my weight loss journey, I lost a total of 95 pounds and doubled my energy. Feel free to get it online here.

When people ask me what books were the most impactful, I always say that I have many books that impacted me over the years but If you break it down, there are only a few dozen that have changed my life forever. Here they are.

Mindset and Personal Development Books

  • Think And Grow Rich – Napolian Hill – Takeaways: You must read this book many times to really get the law of attraction and how to attract anything you want. You need to have a definite plan or goal,  you need to write it down and repeat it twice daily, you need to take action EVERY DAY and you need to get people to help you get to your goal. One of the keys is getting over your fears and having persistence! Leveraging you sex energy and clearing out self limiting beliefs!
  • The Untethered Soul – Michael Singer – Takeaways: You have a little voice in your head that wont stop talking and if you listen to the voice in your head and think that is you, you will never be able to be free. You need to learn how to observe that voice and see how crazy it makes you and if you can do that with your voice and your feelings you can have real freedom and live a more meaningful life that has purpose and power.

Productivity and Organizational Books

  • Getting Things Done – David Allen – Takeaways: Your brain is not a memory tool , it is there to help you solve problems creatively. If you are using it as a filing cabinet, you will not be able to be in a state of flow and solve big problems. David teaches you the process to get things out of your head and put it into a system that lets you be productive. Managing all your projects and tasks like a ninja and getting things done. He teaches why people procrastinate and how to remove stress from your everyday tasks.
  • The Miracle Morning – Hal Elrod – Takeaways: Before I read this book, I believed that I was a night owl and that some people were morning people. I now realize that it was all in my mind. Hal gives practical strategies to get up earlier and own your day. He talks about his SAVERS that helped him be able to feel more free and more productive and the power of understanding when to go to sleep and how to increase your wake up motivation level. He is an amazing story and I totally resonate with his journey.