Joe Apfelbaum is the author of several books including “High Energy Purpose” How to be all in on your life and find your truth. “High Energy Secrets” how I lost 95 pounds and kept it off. “High Energy Answers” the questions your parents and teachers are too afraid to answer.

In his books Joe discusses shares his experiences about self awareness, purpose, goals and how you can have a better life.

Books are available on Amazon.

High Energy Purpose:

High Energy Answers:

High Energy Secrets:

Joe ApfelbaumAverage Joe to CEO BookCoverJoe Apfelbaum is the Author of Average Joe to CEO, Seven Stages to Seven Figures.

A Book that details the 7 stages that Joe experienced to become the leader of one of the fastest growing companies in the US.

Joe writes about the beliefs, failure, work, focus, fears, relationships and purpose that entreprenurs need to have to grow  a business to over the million dollar mark.

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