The Breakthrough Maze | Episode 016 – Justified or Not, Fear Is The Problem


In this episode of The Breakthrough Maze our guest caller is looking to raise money for a family member that is ill to get proper care–Our guest has already asked some of the people closest to him for financial help and fears that asking people is his extended circle is not the right choice for a next step. Without seeing any other options our guest asks Joe if there’s anything that Joe can see that he doesn’t see himself. Our host Joe Apfelbaum is able to point of why the fear of asking people in his extended circle is paralyzing our guests ability to see why it’s not a bad idea. Joe also points out that the very same fear is also keeping our guest from creating any other possibilities too. Realizing how toxic the fear was whether justified or not our guest commits to reaching out to his extended circle with a plan in mind that’s mutually beneficial and inspiring.


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