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Purpose, Planning, Performing

Goal Setting Masterclass of Q2

The three secrets to getting your goals out of your system, on paper and being held accountable to getting them done.

The three secrets to getting your goals out of your system, on paper and being held accountable to getting them done.

Step one is Purpose. There are three steps to creating your personal vision statement which is the foundation to your goal setting. You cannot set goals without having a personal vision because you will be setting goals based on someone else’s vision. You must understand why you are setting goals to begin with and by identifying your passions, values, agreements, issues and your very own WHY you will be able to understand exactly what you need to be doing with your life to feel fulfilled. 

Step two is Planning. It’s nice to have a goal written down but having a clear roadmap from where you are right now to where you want to go is different. It takes understanding your most important roles, understanding your inner needs and desires and creating priorities. Zooming out and seeing the big picture and then zooming in and getting down to your product goals and process goals. We cannot manage our time but we can manage our priorities. People that do not hit their goals do not have priorities and they end up planning vague goals that are not SMART and they wonder why they keep spinning their wheels. Learn how to properly plan your goals for success.

Step three is Performing. It’s nice to say that you will take action but how does action happen? What do you need to feel for action to happen? How can you avoid procrastination? How does accountability actually take place. What will guarantee that you will actually get to your goals? The first step is really understanding how to manage your scheduled, what a calendar is used for and what it is not used for. After that you need to learn how to FOCUS! This one is probably the most impactful part of the course for many people, especially entrepreneurs because they lack the ability to focus. The last step is understanding personal accountability. 

I have created a unique 6 step approach that will teach you how to create your own vision, have a clear road-map and plan and have the accountability to take action consistently.

We had an amazing session in January for Q1 and we are rolling out our second masterclass on April 11th 2018 at 12 PM EST. 

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This image below takes you through our step by step process about how we properly need to set goals. Most people do not follow these steps and they end up missing out on their most important life goals!

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These are the steps on the ladder of success and where different people are in their life.

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