Online Marketing and SEO Forums

Forums are very important. They let people ask questions and come together to discuss issues that are important. An internet forum is where people come together online to have a discussion or conversation in the form of posted messages. Forums are similar to chat rooms but they are not real time. Blog commenting is a form of forum where people discuss the blog post. A single conversation is called a thread on a forum and a forum is usually structured in a tree like form. Each topic is nested in a parent topic. Forums can be public or private depending on the setting of the forum. There are free forum software packages that can be installed on your server like phpBB and there is paid software like vBulletin. Here you can see features of Vbullentin

Ajax Union launched an Online Marketing Forum to train people with Online Marketing called Marketing Training Forum This forum allows people to post questions about Online Marketing and our staff answer those questions. This forum is based on a Joomla application and forum plugin.

Here are some top forums for online marketing and SEO.

Please let me know in the comments if there are any other forums that you enjoy online.

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