Is Referral Key Spam? ReferralKey Emails

This morning I noticed a few emails from people that were asking me if I was taking on new clients in the subject. Imagine you got an email that said “Are you taking new clients?” from someone you knew? Wouldnt you open the email to see what they wanted? Well was was excited when I got the first email but then I got a second email and a third and a fourth.. soon I got like 20 emails from people that were my linkedin friends that they wanted to send me referrals via this website called I signed up for an account and I did not connect my social media profiles because I wanted to see how it works. It really looks kind of spammy in a non web 2.0 way but they have a good concept. I read this blog post after doing a quick google search. I am not the only one that thinks its a bit spammy. I did send some emails so some of the people at our office to see what they think. After doing some research I found another website called has offers where I can reward people who refer business to Ajax Union. That site is so much better looking. That gets me thinking that good design really makes a difference! It can be the difference between people thinking you are a spammy site to people trusting you and linking to you in their blog post.

A lesson to all new social networking sites.. Don’t send out emails like that or you will get a bad name unless you dont care and just want users at any cost. So in that case you launch with a outdated design and hope for the best. If you did open an account at referral key and you dont care about spamming you can check out my profile but remember I would not abuse my contacts with emails like that.

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